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From Farm to Cup

Brewing coffee isn’t just about what you sip. It’s an ever-evolving process that many have failed to perfect. The key is knowing where it all starts and understanding where it comes from. Our coffee is sourced from Peixoto Coffee in Chandler, Arizona. They are a farm to cup coffee supplier that work with many shops in the Valley and we are very lucky to have their support and partnership to bring you the very best and sustainably sourced coffees. 

We also make our own syrups in house to give your coffee an extraordinary flavor if you choose not to drink it black. However, Peixoto coffee stands on it's own with wonderful flavor notes in every bag! 

You can purchase bags of Peixoto at Sidewalk. Every Tuesday, when you buy a bag,  you will receive a coffee beverage for FREE! The best way to take a bag home and treat yourself to a cup. A bag of Peixoto also makes a great gift! 

Please read more about Peixoto and their family history at the link below. 

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