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Hand Rolled East Coast Style

I will admit, when I began Sidewalk and started making my own bagel, I knew close to nothing about what makes a GREAT bagel! After two trips to NYC, tasting NUMEROUS bagels at some of the very best NYC bagel shops, and A LOT of Googling, I have a product I am proud of! A few tweaks to the recipe and help from the internet to understand what yeast actually does, our bagels are par to an East Coast one! How do I know this??? Our East Coast guests have told us so! And let me tell you, nothing makes me more proud. 

Our bagels are boiled then baked in house EVERY morning! Britta (our oven) works hard alongside our team to make you the most fresh bagels. Our variety changes monthly to help keep a fresh take on a bagel shop, but of course staples like the Everything and Salt Bagels are always on the menu! 

What makes us special? We love serving you the freshest bagels in dozens, with our variety of cream cheese, or as a sandwich. We take pride in our product and hope you truly enjoy your meal when you come see us. 


Build your own using a variety of meats and cheeses plus egg or egg whites 


Lunch Sandwiches

Lunch Sandwiches are served all day and feature Boar's Head Meats and Cheeses. 

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