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Purvis Crew 5

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Welcome to Sidewalk Coffee Co.!  My name is Azadeh (like "as the day goes by") and I'd like to welcome you to my family's little coffee shop, where we spend time to connect, recharge, and get things done.  Coffee plays a big part in my family's life - in fact, I wouldn't be here in Queen Creek if it weren't for a chance encounter at a sweet coffee shop in San Juan Capistrano, California.

I met my husband, Jason, in a chance encounter one fateful Sunday afternoon in California.  We lived in different states, living very different lives but I hunkered down to prep for my school week (I was a teacher in my past life) at Hidden House Coffee like I did every weekend and Jason had been sent there by one of his friends recommending their amazing coffee.  I remember seeing Jason as I walked in and thinking "I hope the seat across from him is empty when I come back because I wouldn't mind looking at him while I work".  In fact, I may have sent that exact text to my best friend who encouraged me to talk to him although I was in my Sunday best - a Yoshi t-shirt, yoga pants, and hair a mess - there was no way!

But I got lucky - Jason had to go to the restroom so he asked me to watch his stuff. Again my best friend encouraged me to talk to him. "When he comes back just talk about something!" she said.  Too embarrassed or shy, I didn't. He put his headphones back on and I was sure that was it.  I went back to my book about decluttering life but I didn't feel decluttered at that moment. 

As chance may have it, an older woman came up and asked to borrow the chair across from me.  I wented to help her, but being the gentleman that he is, Jason got up and took the chair down for her.  "This is it", I thought, "Just talk to him"! So this time, I did - about Taylor Swift...yep.  I was a grown woman talking to a grown man about the Taylor Swift concert I'd been to the night before, explaining why I was wearing TS plastic bracelets.  This went on for a bit and he listened attentively, although he really shouldn't have.  A ten-year old girl may have been excited but Jason probably should have packed his stuff up and headed out.  He didn't.  We got into other conversations and I remember him telling me he had 3 kids right away which led me to tell him about being a teacher. 

Our conversation felt like it was coming to a close and I was worried I'd never see this guy again so I mustered up all the confidence I could in my messy hair and Yoshi t-shirt and suggested dinner spots in Laguna Beach - like strongly suggested! I was really hoping he needed a date to these dinner spots...turned out he did. 

The rest is history, as they say.  We got married at the very same cute little coffee shop in 2017 and I inherited three lovely children: Landon, Bree, and Dexter. Together, we are the Purvis Crew 5 and if you ask our children what our first stop is on any vacation, they'll tell you, "Coffee Shop!"

We have walked many sidewalks experiencing amazing coffee around the world.  Our story began in a coffee shop, where the ability to connect with strangers changed the trajectory of our lives.  We hope we can bring the enveloping scent of coffee and fresh-baked bagels alongside the vivacious sounds of chatter that signal new connections to Queen Creek.  Welcome to your new hangout!

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